About Us

Hello thirsty people!

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

S: Tall and lean, she has often been mistaken for a mojito or mai-tai kind-of girl. Make no mistake though, she’s quite likely to drink you under the table with a whisky-on-the rocks in one hand and a vodka neat in the other.

B: For the interest of full disclosure: B spent 5 years from the age of 19 in Ireland but didn’t start drinking until the age of 23. No worries though, he has since made up for lost time and has developed a real G&T habit worthy of a 40 year old man.

Thirstyfridays actually began 2 years ago one fateful friday night..  1 bottle of red wine and 7 hours of conversation on B’s balcony proved enough liquid courage and time to make us realise our compatibility and set in motion a journey toward togetherness!

Determined to continue to challenge ourselves and our relationship, we’ve decided to commit to our goal of visiting one new pub/bar per week, and try out new drink recipes! We’ve also decided to put Thirstyfridays online and push ourselves to relive and review our experiences to make it worth the time, effort, and money. We hope it might inspire our fellow Singaporeans to get out and explore alongside us too. We welcome any and all recommendations on where we should be drinking next!

And while Thirsty Fridays might be a misnomer given that the both of us have enjoyed many tasty drinks on all days of the week, we hope that you will humour us and share in our TGIF spirit!

Get your drink on.

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To fulfil B’s public and civic duty: Drink responsibly and always in moderation. Never drink and drive!