Places to go: Jigger and Pony

Last week we visited a cool bar located in the Tanjong Pagar area on Amoy Street. Named after the measuring instrument that all great and wonderfully balanced cocktails are made with i.e the “Jigger” – 1.5 Ounces and “Pony” 3/4 ounces, this was a delightful find in the heart of the bustling Amoy Street area on a Friday night.

Jigger and Pony was recommended to us by our partners in crime for the night, said to be a upscale romantic spot that has become a fast favourite amongst those working in the area. Along Amoy street, we walked past many Korean BBQ joints and other bars and restaurants before arriving at its grand oversized glass door. Looking in, we first noticed the packed communal tables near the entrance, and then as our eyes adjusted to take in its high ceilings, noticed the beautiful open shelves stocked full behind the long bar counter.

The decor is a mix of old school classic charm with its dark wood tables and lush oversized sofa seats flanking the right, and modern minimalist with the large communal table, high chairs and colourful liquor brand adverts flanking the left. You get a sense that this place means business the moment you step in as a smartly dressed waiter approaches you to show you to your seat. Thankfully, K, one of our drinking kakis for the night had the bright idea to make a reservation (which he did through their website – easy peasy we’re told) and we had a wonderful cubicle to enjoy our drinks and our night in.

Our seat also afforded us a great view of the bar counter, with impeccably dressed bartenders looking incredibly serious mixing up our cocktails. The waiters and waitresses were extremely speedy with their service and in no time at all menus and free-flow tapioca chips appeared on our table.

Their menu is quite extensive and not for the faint-hearted. They have 2 full pages of cocktails, but also offer spirit flights and their famous Punch bowls (approx 15-20 servings). After consulting with the waiters we ordered our first round of cocktails:

Ramos Gin Fizz: 8.5/10

Ramos Gin Fizz in the background and Corpse Reviver in the foreground.

We’ve had a version of a Ramos Gin Fizz before at Nutmeg and Clove but this one from Jigger and Pony was truer to the New Orleans classic and a dangerously smooth cocktail to start off our night. Extremely well balanced, with the right amount of citrus lemon and lime and a delicious creamy foamy head, we all took turns sipping this beauty. Reminded us a little of a lemon-lime and vanilla popsicle. The gin was present but adequately subdued by the other elements in this drink. This was unanimously noted as one of the best of the night.

Corpse Reviver #101: 8/10

We’ve never had a corpse reviver before so we were taken aback by how refreshing this drink actually was despite its gloomy name. We could hardly believe that there was vodka in this drink as the lemon juice in this considerably brightened up the flavour profile. This was also a lovely demonstration of how good St Germain can taste in a well made cocktail as its distinct elderflower notes danced around on our palates. The Absinthe jelly was interesting being slightly sweet and herbal. It accompanied the drink well.

Manhattan: 7.5/10

A classic recipe, we picked out the Maker’s Mark in this drink immediately. A tad sweet for B’s tastebuds but it had just the right amount of bitters to incorporate some interest into this whiskey based drink. Not bad, just not something we’d usually enjoy anyway.

Knickerbocker: 6/10

B might or might not have chosen this drink because the name made him laugh. But there were no laughs to be had after we tasted this drink. Rum, cointreau, raspberry and lime sounded bright and fresh on paper, but this cocktail was a bit disappointing. Perhaps it was the cointreau that imparted a slightly artificial fruity taste to this drink, or perhaps the raspberry syrup was not quite as fresh. This drink tasted a bit too syrupy and fructose heavy.

Overall our first 4 drinks went over rather well. A solid 7.5/10 experience up to this point. We did think their cocktails were quite well balanced so we had enough faith to order another 4.

Espresso Gin Tonic: 9/10

This was the surprise favourite of the night. 8/10 in terms of flavour but a solid 9.5/10 in terms of originality and fun. Our favourite Hendricks gin  was mixed with fever tree tonic and a float of espresso. The presentation was beautiful, with the dark espresso float strongly contrasting with the clear G&T. It starts as an amazing and powerful whiff of fragrant coffee as you bring this drink to your mouth. As you drink this, you taste the coffee initially but the flavour breaks into your good ol gin and tonic with a citrus kick, and gin finish. Because of the coffee, the aftertaste is slightly bitter and aromatic which we enjoyed. B who does not drink coffee usually enjoyed this drink as well which speaks volumes as to how good it was. A wonderful drink that we will definitely try to recreate.

Dark and Stormy: 8.5/10

Despite its name this drink tasted neither dark nor stormy. Dark rum was mixed with lime, soda and homemade ginger syrup resulting in a drink that was surprisingly light, bright and tasty. We’ve never considered using ginger in a drink but it does add a fresh, aromatic and spicy profile to this cocktail. The lime balanced this out perfectly and the soda added a fizzy profile making this almost like a nice cold refreshing ginger beer/moscow mule. Solid cocktail.

Sakura Sakura: 8/10

Sakura sakura at the foreground and Epressso Gin Tonic at the background. 

This one was a headscratcher – and we mean this in a good way. In this cocktail they mixed Rum, Maissenex creme de peche, Sake, sakura syrup, lemon and egg white. We confess that we have never independently tasted most of the elements that make up this cocktail so we frankly did not know what to expect. After we’ve all tasted this we agreed that it tasted like something we have all had in our respective childhoods but could not put our finger on. By the end of the night, neither of us could solve this conundrum. Regardless, this was a nice mix of peach yoghurt or Calpis soda rounded off with a citrus element. Quite a tasty cocktail actually albeit a little on the sweet side. Worth a try!

Fire in the Hole: 7/10

The presentation was lovely for this drink. They brought an overturned serving class encapsulating an mysterious cloud of smoke, and a shot of a mixture of bourbon, creme de peche and absinthe bitters to our table. Just before serving they turned the serving rocks glass the right way around and poured the shot in. We enjoyed the bourbon which had a smoky plum-like quality that gets smokier as you make your way through the drink. A tad sweet for B’s liking but he liked the smoky quality.


All cocktails were $22 each

Punch Bowls are $220 each before GST


This was an excellent cocktail experience in our minds. The romantic old school meets new school setting, great seats, dapper bartenders all added to our enjoyment of this place but the cocktails definitely hit the right spot. There were a couple of duds but overall most of the drinks were delightful, well balanced, had elements of surprise and awe, opening our minds further into our exploration and enjoyment of the cocktail universe. What made the experience even more special was double dating with like-minded friends (and family, haha) allowing us to try many more drinks! We had a great time and are likely to come back some time to try out the other great cocktails, and perhaps even the Punch Bowl they have on their menu.

At $22 a cocktail it is definitely quite pricey, but it’s money well spent given the quality of the drink. A good place to bring a date or some good friends to enjoy a quality night out if you so desire!

Thirsty Recommendations:

Espresso Gin Tonic, Ramos Gin Fizz, Dark and Stormy


Jigger and Pony


101 Amoy St, Singapore 069921

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 6pm – 1am
Friday to Saturday: 6pm – 3am

Sun: Closed

+65 9621 1074

Website (for reservations as well)


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