Homemade: Capirinha

Earlier this year we made the Caprioska which was a simple but delectable drink using vodka, lime and sugar. This time round, we got our hands onto some Cahacha, and decided to try making the true blue brazilian drink – the Capirinha.

Even though we didn’t enjoy the SG cocktail festival as much as we had hoped, our biggest takeaway from the festival was our loot from the artisanal spirits room. In there, we tried our hands on some small batch gins, our Black Cow vodka (which we’ve yet to uncork) and our very first Cahacha!

We picked up Maracatu Cahacha, which is a premium artisan Cahacha that has been exclusively launched in Asia. We tried it neat and was taken aback by how pure it tasted. It’s definitely a strong drink at 38% ABV but has a distinctively fresh and smooth finish reminding you of the sugar cane that it is made from. It’s just so different from any other spirit we’ve ever had!

Since we’ve limited experience with this drink we decided to make the classic and simple Capirinha to see how it holds up in a cocktail.


  1. Half a lime, cut into quarters
  2. 1 tsp sugar – or 0.5Oz simple syrup
  3. 2 Oz cahacha

Steps: Simply muddle the lime and sugar/syrup in the glass you’re going to serve your drink in and top off with the cahacha. Add ice, stir and enjoy!

Final product:


We are now big fans of cahacha and are excited to experiment with it in the near future! The capirinha is a simple fuss free recipe that elevates the natural sugarcane flavour in the spirit. You have the freshness of the sugar cane, and the lime balances out the sweet flavours and makes this a very smooth drink. We’re hoping to bring it one step further by experimenting with a drink that incorporates pineapple juice – stay tuned for the tropical update!


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