Homemade: Caprioska

We’ve been searching for an easy, no-fuss recipe that still tastes consistently amazing and refreshing. This cocktail that brings to mind a South American beachside paradise is the answer. The Caprioska is a variation of the Brazilian national cocktail- the Caipirinha. Using only 3 ingredients, all mixed into a serving glass, this easy-going recipe is perfect for partying those (Brazilian) summer nights away! Given that it is always summer in sunny Singapore, that sounds just about perfect for us.


  1. Half a lime
  2. 2 oz Vodka*
  3. Brown Sugar


  1. Cut the half lime into quarters and muddle with the brown sugar in a rocks glass
  2. Add into the same glass the vodka and add ice
  3. Enjoy!


  • If you don’t have brown sugar, white sugar would still work for this drink
    • Some recipes do suggest using powdered sugar for this drink so the sugar dissolves more easily in this drink!
  • *The Caipirinha uses the Cachaca (a Brazilian national drink made from distilled Sugar Cane juice) instead of vodka. It is equally simple and delicious if you can get your hands on some Cachaca. We’re still on the lookout for our first bottle!
  • When you use fresh citrus in your recipes, especially in a recipe like this, definitely taste before you serve. No two limes are alike! You may need more or less sugar to balance out the acidity.

The Final Product:


The beauty of this drink lies in its simplicity, showing how cocktails can be enjoyable and great even without fancy (and sometimes pretentious) steps or bar equipment. All you need is a few basic ingredients and a single glass, saving you time and avoiding the need to wash too many dishes. The refreshing balance between brown sugar and fresh limes softens the edge of a harsh-tasting drink like vodka, becoming the ultimate thirst quencher. This drink will surely become a hit at any party.





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