Places to go: Nutmeg and Clove

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We recently concluded a visit to Nutmeg and Clove on a Friday night after a few recommendations from friends working around the Tanjong Pagar area.  S used to work nearby and we were interested in the concept of road closures along the Ann Siang Hill area! It’s quite cool that the roads close on friday-saturday nights from 7pm-2am and the bars are allowed to set up extra tables on the roads. The bustling vibe really screams TGIF!


Street view from our table!

We initially walked circles around the bar because Nutmeg and Clove actually occupies one of the second level units, but we eventually found the tiny entrance to the stairs leading up to the bar.


Elusive entrance!

The first thing that caught our eye was the backlit shelves of the bar counter boasting their collection of spirits. It was in stark contrast to the more dimly lit tables on the other end of the room. We were then promptly given a cosy seat in the corner of the bar.


We went with hungry tummies after a long day at work for the both of us but seeing their tiny tables made us realise they were not used to catering to dinner crowds . Perfect size for just drinks though!

They had a happy hour special for 4 of their cocktails and all of their housepour spirits from 6-8pm and we quickly ordered their more popular drinks on the recommendation of their waiter – the Tsujiki Fizz, and Good Ole Fashion Revolution. We have to say that we love their menu! It was well designed with an old school chinese-scholar vibe, with little tidbits of Singapore’s history intertwined with descriptions of their unique cocktails. It reminded us of the cocktail menu from one of our favourite bars from our trip to Melbourne – the 1806 Cocktail Bar. Perhaps that provided the inspiration for Nutmeg and Clove – we will never know!


Cocktail book menu

Tsukiji Fizz

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Tsujiki Fizz was definitely the highlight amongst the drinks. The presentation was pretty was it was served in a tall glass with a thick head of foam taller than the glass itself! A piece of seaweed was also served on top of the foam. Looking at the ingredients – bombay gin, fresh citrus, orange blossom, squid ink cream and egg whites, we’re guessing the grey almost sesame-ice-cream colour of the drink comes from the SQUID INK CREAM! It definitely piqued our interest! You’re supposed to eat the seaweed first before it gets too soggy and the savoury spicy flavour pairs well with the tartness and sweetness of the drink. There was definitely a strong citrus flavour in the drink which we liked, and the egg whites made it a creamy dessert like drink that complemented the meal we had! We however could not really taste any of the squid ink so we’re not sure if it actually adds any flavour apart from the colour. We could not taste the gin in this drink too and the drink actually tasted pretty weak. However, the citrus was very well balanced in this drink and we would likely try this again if we come back to see if we can taste the different elements in this drink better!

Good Ole Fashion Revolution

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The good ole fashion revolution was inspired by Nasi Lemak with its pandan infused bourbon toasted coconut syrup and chilli bitters. It tasted like an old fashioned with hints of brown sugar/gula melaka with a spicy aftertaste. Quite interesting but may not be worth 22 SGD for those that do not enjoy bourbon! It was served with some crispy salty ikan billis as snacks which works with the Nasi Lemak theme, but doesnt really go with the drink.

Blood debt


One of their drinks in their 1 for 1 happy hour special. Their take on a classic bloody mary. We didnt like this drink because it tasted too much like straight up soy sauce and vinegar. The wasabi kick was interesting but we’re still not fans.


Food glorious food!

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Leftmost, clockwise: Salted egg yolk wings, truffle fries, assam ribs

Food wise, S who LOVES ribs just had to order their assam ribs, along with their signature salted egg fried chicken wings. We ordered their truffle fries as well because the truffle aroma was one of the first thing that captured our senses when we walked in.

Food was not bad for bar grub with the standout dish being the truffle fries. It was crispy with a faint hint of truffle and a generous amount of parmesan cheese. Their signature salted egg fried chicken wings was quite interesting because the sprinkled pork floss adheres to the gooey salted egg yolk sauce, adding a sweet element to this savoury dish. However the salted egg yolk flavour needed to be more fragrant because it took a backseat to the pork floss in this dish. The assam pork ribs were a a tad dry but still enjoyable.

Total Damage:

Slightly over $100 for 3 food items and 3 drinks (2 of them were 1 for 1)

Thirsty Recommendations: Tsujiki Fizz, Truffle fries

Cons: With 1 bartender and 1 waiter/waitress on duty, service can be quite slow on the Friday night that we were there.


Overall a pleasant experience. Cocktails are quite original with quirky ingredients worth a try. Drinks are $22 each which is quite pricey but with the right company this can be a good after-work hangout!

Nutmeg and Clove


10 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789 (Second Floor above Gem bar)


Happy hours until 8pm: 1 for 1 on selected cocktails

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 6pm – 1am
Friday to Saturday: 6pm – 2am


+65 9389 9301 



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